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Bamboo Extra Long Socks

Extra Thick and Long Premium Bamboo Socks

The longer version of the ever popular Bamboo socks.

Naturally anti-bacterial which eliminates foot odour
Superior wicking (dry and cool feet)
Ultra fine fibre for more comfort
Blister protection
Antistatic natural fibre
Cool in summer and warm in winter

It is perhaps not immediately noticed by someone putting on a bamboo sock for the first time that, apart from the smooth softness, you can hold the sock by the top hem and pull it onto your foot in one smooth movement until it is fully in place and there it stays. Most other sock types have to be almost ‘threaded’ onto your foot in several stages.

Also, on principle, many people wash their socks daily because traditionally, this was the right thing to do. However, with the natural anti-bacterial properties of bamboo fibre, we have had customers report that after wearing the socks for even up to a week straight without washing, they still smell fresh.

These are the ORIGINAL bamboo socks first released in Australia 2006 and still the best socks you will ever purchase. Beware of copies.

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