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Custom Embroidery

The best way to make employees stand out from everyone else is by introducing logos to your work wear and corporate wear.

Whether you are a corporate company, a small non-profit or industrial-based company, having a great set of clothes for you and your employees to wear for work is important, not because of how they make your employees look but because of how they make them feel.

The ultimate work wardrobe should make your employees look and feel professional, confident and ready to tackle the day.

Customised work wear with the embroided company logo on the clothing helps improve brand identity and awareness and works as “free advertising”.

Work Clobber can arrange all your embroidery needs including digitising the logo and on-going embroidery through our suppliers. We are also able to offer Heat seal services as alternative to embroidery. Contact our office today and discuss your embroidery needs.

Sporting or Community Groups

Work Clobber can assist you with your Sporting Group's requirements from having your logo digitised and helping you chose the right shirt for your group. The embroidered logo can be placed on shirts, jackets and trousers. Just give us a call and we can help.

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