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Winter is Coming – Survive Down South with the right wet weather gear

Winter has well and truly hit the South West.  Luckily the cold doesn't have to equal misery, especially if you're wearing the right wet weather gear.

We looked to some of our favourite Game of Thrones characters for tips on how to survive the South West's cooler months.

Coat up like Jon Snow

Jon Snow likes to say ‘winter is coming’ an awful lot. Probably because he knows he looks good in an over-sized animal skin. Although we don’t sell these, we do admire Jon’s obsession with being prepared.

You may not have to battle evil white walkers at work, but being cold on the job is arguably just as painful. So, buy a good quality coat that withstands the rain and wind. You’ll have it for years to come, which means it’s an investment in your workday happiness.

Layer like a Wildling

If you can survive living on the other side of ‘the Wall’, you know a thing or two about enduring harsh winter conditions. The ‘free folk’ aren’t afraid to don layer upon layer of clothing, which also happens to be a smart strategy for Down South winters.

Consider wearing a singlet under your regular work shirt, plus long sleeves and a coat on top. Then, as the day progresses, remove each layer to suit. We have polos, corporate shirts and other work gear you can layer like a pro.

Style like Cersei

Being warm doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. While we won’t dress you like an evil Queen, we can provide a whole lot of affordable wet weather gear that doesn’t look half bad onsite, in the office or wherever you clock in.

Just like Cersei, our work wear makes you look the part, so you and your crew appear like the professional legends you are. And, we only use quality materials, which means our gear lasts a lot longer than the season you bought it in.

Keep hot like Daenerys

The Mother of Dragons walks through fire and, well, hangs out with dragons. Needless to say, she’s good at staying warm. Although we don’t necessarily sell mythical creatures, we do like the idea of breathing fire into brisk winters Down South.

A good thermos is (arguably) just as effective as a fire-breathing dragon, so buy one from your local supermarket, and fill it to the brim with tea, coffee or a good old-fashioned hot chocolate.

Boot up like Hodor

The guy known for his one-word vocabulary (which, spoiler alert, we later discovered was a two-word phrase) always wears a good pair of boots. Keeping your feet warm is vital to being comfortable in the cold; so don’t skimp on good work boots.

While you’re at it, get some quality made, thick socks. Your feet will love you, especially if you’re on them for long periods of time like many people who work trades and retail Down South. We have a big range, and we speak more than a few phrases too!

Check out our wet weather gear 

We love keeping folk in Bunbury warm even more than we love top-quality TV. So, drop into our Bunbury store or shop online here and get kitted up for the cold winter months ahead. We have quality, affordable wet weather gear that’ll keep you toasty this winter.

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